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Nov. 9/16


Two things.

1. Your writing is very good. Excellent, in fact. So keep up the good work. As I tell my reporters: If you do an excellent story once, you can do it again. And again. And again. I don't believe in luck when it comes to writing. In your case, all of the articles you sent to me were great, so have full confidence in yourself. You do great work.

2. Went to fix / edit the poppy sale phrase, but the section went to print last night, so it's too late. My sincere apologies.If there is any flack, point them towards me, as I accept full responsibility.

Again, apologies.

Doyle Potenteau

Managing Editor

The Daily Courier

Kelowna, BC

``Senior Lifetimes Newspaper has had the pleasure of featuring a multitude of Mr. Peckham 's short stories over the past year. There is something very familiar and warm about Mr. Peckham that comes through in his writing. His style is fun and articulate, but it is the way he sets the stage and captures you with the first paragraph that makes you want to read on. I am truly looking forward to reading his new novel "From Out Of The Woodwork".


Annelin Messmer


Senior Lifetimes Newspaper

Published by Town Hall Media Inc.

``Bill Peckham's gift of the gab and folksy story-telling manner come through in his writing. Bill has been a contributor to The Daily Courier in many forms over the years, from columnist to frequent letter writer. His love of a good story always shines through.``


Jon Manchester

Managing Editor

The Daily Courier

Kelowna, BC

``Bill Peckham has been contributing articles and editorials to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 26 newsletter for the past year. His writing is always topical and easy to read. The reader response has been very positive and many of our readers look forward to Bill's next article.I value Bill's input greatly.``

Michael Worth


Legion Branch 26 Newsletter

``From Out of the Woodwork begins with a bang. The first line is an attention getter. The story is lively with action and colourful characters. One of the most tragic events of the 1900s is linked with one from the 2000s. It's a good read, with sprinkles of fun woven into some historic events that were not so fun.-Dorothy Brotherton, Journalist, Kelowna BC.``

Dorothy Brotherton,


 I enjoyed the original way the author wove history into the story through the apparitions and his years in the home improvement field lends an air of authenticity to the story. It's for anyone who enjoyes a story with a touch of the paranormal and a mystery.

Lisa Brandt,

Broadcaster and Author of Venus Rising.

From Out of the Woodwork is a "WOW" book. Peckham has done a great job of portraying each character and their association to the contractor and the old house.-

Harriet Worden, Niagara Falls ON

It's a time worn cliché, but I literally could not put the book down. You have a great way of bringing a range of emotions out in me as I read through the pages. With each page there was anticipation for what was coming next. There were many, "oh no" thoughs of what I might read on the next few pages .To sum everything up, I really enjoyed my adventure. Thank you for writing this novel.-

Andy Ross, an old friend, Burlington, ON


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To Read The Above Article CLICK HERE

To Read The Above Article CLICK HERE


To Read The Above Article CLICK HERE


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Bill. The new website is just like you, a stylish informative picture of your life,and your novel " Out of the Woodwork" was great and I'm anxiously awaiting the sequal!

The website is great!
Your ability to recreate yourself is a inspiration to us all!


Congratulations on your beautifully revamped website and on the publication of From Out of the Woodwork. You're a marvel.

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