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House Number Twenty-nine


House Number Twenty-nine is a mystery with a touch of the paranormal. The story follows Sean Kennedy and his friend, best selling author Stanley Renton, after the restoration of 29 Livery Lane. Together they write a book about Sean’s experiences with apparitions while restoring the century-old house. They discover that three of the former owners are still living, so they invite them to the old house. Stories are told and experiences are shared… stories of a murder, an attempted suicide, disbarment of a lawyer, indiscretions of two teenagers… even the fraud and mishandling of corpses. The co-authors move forward with research on the history of House Number Twenty-nine.

Sean finalizes plans for a family holiday to Boston, Los Angeles and Disneyland. Their flight from Boston to Los Angeles is booked on American Airline’s Flight 11, September 11, 2001. 

 The Kennedy family survives the terrorist attack on New York City – a hit man bent upon revenge – a fiery attack on their family home and an intense, threatening interrogation by CCIS.

 Sean and Stanley write the novel about 29 Livery Lane. It becomes a best seller and the two friends continue to co-write until Stanley’s death.





From Out of the Woodwork


29 Livery Lane, a century house, once a house of some distinction and class now, fallen into disrepair, is purchased by Sean Kennedy.  Sean, a contractor in Toronto, buys old houses, guts them and turns them into multi-family monstrosities... slums waiting to happen. When he starts work on his latest project, 29 Livery Lane, he encounters visions of former owners.  At first, he is stunned by these apparitions, but as time moves on he welcomes them.  Through these visions he learns about the house and some of the nine former owners.  As a result of what he learns he decides to restore the old house not destroy it for profit.

The apparitions come to him when he touches books, reads letters, rummages through old boxes, finds a locket or reads a manuscript of a murder mystery.  Through his many visions Sean gradually learns about the house, the way it looked in grander days and the fate of nine former owners, who left their indelible marks upon the house.  The Phillips family, the original owners, left a story of love, closeness of family and a sea voyage, also the story of Stanley Renton, best-selling author, arrested for a murder which took place in the old house. 

The story of the Kennedys, the present owners, is also one of love and family closeness and the deadly days of the terrorist's attacks on the Trade Centre Towers in New York, September 11, 2001.

Sean, through his research, meets Stanley Renton the only living, former owner.  Sean and his family become very close friends with Stanley, during the restoration period. 

When an apparition of a young mother and her daughter appears to Sean he figures that the daughter, Angelina Weston, could still be living and she might be able to shed some light upon the house and the way it looked.  His meeting with Angelina turns into a warm friendship with this woman, now in her late eighties.  The friendship blossoms and grows to include Stanley Renton as well.

The tales of the former owners lead Sean down many paths over a one-hundred-year period... from a trip on the St. Lawrence River in a small boat in the early 1900s to the recapture of a violent murderer in Niagara-on-the Lake, in 2001.

The closing chapter of the book connects the Kennedys, the new owners, to the Phillips, the first owners.  Stephen Phillips sends his wife and two children to Ireland to visit her mother and books their return on a cruise ship, April 10, 1912. Sean Kennedy also books a holiday for his wife and two children to visit her mother and father in England and then meet him in Boston, on September 10, 2001.  Where they plan to continue on to Los Angeles and Disney Land the next day, September 11, 2001.





Never Hang Wallpaper With Your Wife

 Decorating and Renovating From a Guy's Point of View


"Never Hang Wallpaper With Your Wife" is a humorous look, from a guy's point of view, at home renovations, decorating and home repairs, and how it can affect the relationship of a husband with his wife.  It is liberally sprinkled with handy-tips, do-it-yourself information and laced with humorous anecdotes.

Hammar, now retired and living in British Columbia, is one of Canada's earliest home improvement experts.  The experience and knowledge, gained over fifty-two years in the field, is shared with you in a way sure to make you laugh as you learn.  The information in this book is from Hammar's own experiences, which he has shared with radio, television and home show audiences.  They have been published in newspapers and magazines, and now they are presented in this book for your use and enjoyment.

 There are dozens of innovative handy-tips and ideas on how-to and how-not-to.  Many of these tips are accompanied by clear illustrations of the project.

When asked if he really is an expert in the DIY field he says, "According to one dictionary an expert is 'one who has great knowledge or skill in a particular area'.  But, in the words of my former wife,  'In the case of Michael Hammar, I think an expert is a person who has done something wrong so many times, has finally found the right way, and now wants to be paid to tell people about it'." 

This book is funny and, at the same time, very informative with down to earth stories and ideas.

Avoid the "how-not-to" frustrations and chuckle at one man's struggle with home repairs and renovations.   See how one "guy" deals with the "boss" on the job.



Paws and Enjoy

A Collection of Short Stories


William S Peckham began writing fiction in 2003, at age seventy-two. He says it was just for fun, but by the time he reached 2013 and age eighty-two he had written over 100 short stories. He decided to share many of these with friends, who said he should publish them. Paws and Enjoy is the result of his endeavour to put thirty-one of his favourite stories together in a collection.

Peckham’s imagination is not stuck in the rut of one genre. These stories run the gamut from Science Fiction through children’s stories. Eh! Seventy-five You Say, a humourous look at one person’s view of aging. The Drugstore – a walk through one of today’s sell-all drugstores, you’ll shake your head reading this one remembering your last trip to the drugstore. Every senior will identify with It’s Gone!, the disappearance of my little grey cells and The Scarecrow and the Spinster – a fantasy trip to the country will keep you smiling.

Paws and Enjoy is a book sized to fill your pocket or purse. It is a book you are able to pick up, read a story and put the book down, if you dare, and go to sleep. With your electronic book reader you may take these stories anywhere you go and enjoy an oasis from the hustle and bustle of life today.

The next publication could very well be a collection of Peckham’s mystery stories. If you like mystery stories with a touch of the paranormal, then look for his novels, From Out of the Woodwork and the sequel, House Number Twenty-nine.



The Mystery of the Vanishing Ballerina


The carriage clattered and bounced as the horses raced down the cobbled street. Rain blew against the windows; the driver hunched down over the reins and lashed at the glistening, wet rumps of the horses. The steamship dock was in sight, and their escape almost realised.

“Halt! Halt or be shot.”

Irina Nevzorov runs for her life. With false identification papers in her hands, personal belongings packed and stowed in the carriage, she bolts for a waiting ship and freedom in Canada.

Irina Nevzorov, a Russian prima ballerina, changes her name to Ivanna Nevskaya, buys false identification papers and flees to Canada. Her dream is to open a ballet school and teach. Life, however, has a way of twisting and turning, bringing mystery, intrigue and drama into her life. This is more than she had bargained for. Complications begin when she meets a Russian count on board the ship.

Ivanna learns her life is in danger when an assassin makes an attempt to kill her. Shipboard life is not only dangerous, but also romantic.

The story follows Ivanna’s flight to freedom; romance ensues, a ballet school is planned, and in Toronto, her best friend’s life is threatened.

There are many twists and turns throughout Ivanna. The most unpredictable twist comes when Ivanna meets the Count… again.


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